Green design makes a home healthy, efficient and comfortable.

I always encourage my clients to “think green,” as there are so many advantages down the road. Green construction and remodeling help make homes more healthy, efficient, and comfortable. And who doesn’t want to save money and have a smaller carbon footprint?

I believe in using the principles of sustainable design, including preserving and respecting the existing natural resources of the site. The solar orientation of a house, combined with strategically placed architectural components for shading, will make for an inherently efficient home.

Energy conservation is also important: specifying energy-efficient appliances, lighting, insulated hot water pipes, programmable thermostats, and heating and air-conditioning. Every client wants healthy indoor air quality, better ventilation systems, and nontoxic materials.

I also strive to reduce material waste and conserve resources. Using local materials, building with engineered lumber, and using recycling companies to remove waste are all ways this can be achieved.

 "Dean’s innovative ideas, knowledge and experience made the final product just amazing."

~ Phillip Freidman, Attorney

Dean Brenneman Architect, PLLC
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