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I want to make a tangible difference in your quality of life.

I love working with people who want to do something exceptional with their homes – and want their homes to do something exceptional for them.
I collaborate closely with my clients. I am not interested in simply winning architectural awards and seeing my designs in magazines, though I’ve done both. The problem with having those goals is that you design for a magazine layout rather than for your client. Throughout the project I listen intently to understand how my clients live and what they want and need. The goal through this process of discovery is to learn how my architectural expertise can help them achieve the lifestyle they want.
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I’m fascinated by all styles and periods of architecture, from classical to contemporary, and I’ve designed houses in just about every genre. I’ve worked on historic houses and have an in-depth understanding of historic preservation and everything it entails. I also love contemporary design. I’ve done everything from custom homes to one-bedroom apartments. For me, the architectural style is almost secondary to the excitement of finding creative solutions to difficult challenges.
In addition, my expertise extends outside the home to the design of "Outdoor Rooms" and "Hardscapes.”
I want to make a tangible difference in your quality of life. Rather than imposing my views, as some architects may, I will listen carefully, understand your dreams – and find the creative solution that results in a beautiful, livable home.
“[Dean is] a meticulous architect with an eye for aesthetic quality that is unmatched in today’s sea of commonplace design.”
~ Robert Arthur, Professional Colleague
Dean Brenneman Architect, PLLC
Offices in Washington D.C. and Sarasota Florida
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